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First Nations Education Foundation (FNEF) releases new video entitled “Victory Song” chronicling recent work on the Language Revitalization Pole

“This great cedar is about 800 years old; before this town even existed. But when this was a seedling, our creator knows the destinies of everything that exists on this earth, and he knew what this was going to be for, way before it even started growing.” – Harry Lucas, Nuu-chah-nulth language-speaker and Elder – April […]

Issue of language revitalization should not be reduced to a question of money

The following opinion-editorial by FNEF Executive Director Scott Jeary was printed in the Waterloo Region Record   Issue of language revitalization should not be reduced to a question of money Language revitalization work is not the simple expiation of white guilt, Scott Jeary writes. OPINION Mar 03, 2019 by Scott Jeary – Waterloo Region Record In Peter Shawn […]

First Nations Education Foundation (FNEF) posts Online Video Documenting Language Revitalization Pole Naming Ceremony

February 13, 2019, Vancouver, B.C. – The First Nations Education Foundation (FNEF) has released a short online video – the first in a series of videos that will document the carving of a 70-foot Language Revitalization Pole. The pole was commissioned to celebrate the United Nations’ 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages and is to be […]

First Nations Education Foundation announces the commissioning of a Language Revitalization Pole to be carved in recognition of the UN 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

January 28, 2019, Vancouver, B.C. – In recognition of the UN 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages, which officially launched earlier today in Paris, the First Nations Education Foundation (FNEF) has announced the commissioning of a Language Revitalization Pole to draw attention to the importance of Indigenous language and culture in Canada. The Language Revitalization Pole […]

FNEF and Six Factor announce new Indigenous language app: secure, instantly available, and customizable

We have some great news to report about the work we’ve been doing over the past several months with Six Factor, our FNEF technology partner. Six Factor is western Canada’s Leading Google Cloud Partner, and together we are ready to field test the first generation of our FNEF Indigenous language app for smartphone, tablet, and desktop learning. There are some key […]

It’s 2018: Let’s not let the gift of Indigenous languages slip through our hands

As the new year of 2018 begins, it’s worth noting from the start that we continue to face a stark, ongoing reality: No Indigenous language in Canada is considered safe. This is the reality that drives our work and our FNEF language revitalization approach; namely, to develop language revitalization programs for at-risk Indigenous languages and […]

Why Indigenous languages should be taught alongside French and English

“Without immediate, robust, and heartfelt intervention, language decline will be irreversible.” – Chelsea Vowel / âpihtawikosisân – If you haven’t read Métis author Chelsea Vowel’s recent article, which argues for the teaching of Indigenous languages alongside French and English (the article was posted on the Maclean’s website last week), we highly recommend it. Vowel, who is […]